COMPACT SOFT-VAK 15 (flow rate 500 – 1,000 lit/h)

COMPACT series water softener SOFT-VAK 15

SOFT-VAK water softening systems prevent common water problems, including calcium carbonate scale (or deposits) and other aggressive minerals such as iron and magnesium. These deposits cause hard water to dry out the skin and hair. When one of these devices is installed in the house, it works to soften the water coming out of each tap, reducing or completely removing these aggressive minerals.

It improves the quality of drinking water in the home and leads to healthier skin, hair and nails after bathing. Our water softening devices work by extracting heavy minerals from water using a process called ionic exchange or by neutralizing these minerals so that they cannot be connected to each other.


FLOW 500 to 1,000 lit/h
Connection (input/outlet/drain) 1 “ – 1” – ½”
Working pressure 2 – 6 bar
Electrical connection 220V, 30W
Dimension (l x w x h -mm) 495 – 315 – 1125