Seawater desalinator XLDESAL-MA600 (600,000 lit/day)

The XLDESAL-MA line of devices for desalination of seawater with the reverse osmosis process is the ideal choice for drinking water needs.

Our compact water desalination unit is designed and manufactured to operate in harsh working conditions using the latest el. energy, efficiency of membranes and their utilization.


Model: XLDESAL-MA600
Flow: 600,000 lit/day
25,000 lit/h
Electric power supply: 380 V, 50Hz


The latest generation of reverse osmosis diaphragms, low-pressure, low-maintenance pumps with variable frequency device type and electronic control systems, make the product an ultra-low vibration system, therefore a very low noise level and the most cost-effective system resulting in the lowest Value €/m3 by water produced compared to conventional reverse salt water reverse osmosis plants that are commercially available on the market.


Each of our products is factory tested which means that for its “on-site” installation, only hydraulic and electrical installation of pipelines coming from external equipment, such as power pump, prefilter, flushing tank, dosing equipment, etc.

The design of the casing and equipment carrier with all independent components is made of glass fibers reinforced with resin and stainless steel reinforcements, thus completely eliminating corrosion problems that are very common on other types of plants.