CCU – module for switching chlorine

CCU – module for switching chlorine


Evoqua offers a variety of automatic change modules to ensure a smooth and unattended transition to fresh gas when the online supply is depleted.


  • Continuous supply of chemicals for a wide range of applications
  • Exhaustion limitation device to avoid corrosion in a gaseous chlorine bottle


Once the storage tank reaches a certain low level, the automatic change module switches to the next available full tank, meaning that all available chemicals are optimally used. The change can occur on vacuum gas water, pressurized gas water or running water.


  • CCU – the controller can also be used to change vacuum or pressure via a manifold, giving an indication for empty cylinders and to display the open position of the manifold valve
  • Switching is initiated using one common pressure gauge / 2 separate pressure gauge on each side of the manifold or voltage-free contacts with emergency stop/ low-level buttons
  • The protection class is IP66.


  • Suitable for chlorine, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and others
  • User-friendly automatic system with manual emergency lever
  • Ensures optimal utilization of the applied chemical