Dosage of chlorine – ELECTROLYSIS ON-SITE EASYCHLORGEN 1100 ( 1.100 g/h Cl)

Electrolysis of on-site chlorine

EASYCHLORGEN models available for chlorine capacity from 240 to 8,500 g/h

EASYCHLORGEN systems with sodium hypochlorite create sodium hypochlorite from saline solution by electrolysis. Sodium hypochlorite has a concentration of approx. 0,5 – 0,8 %.

As the manufactured sodium hypochlorite solution has very few minerals, extensive cleaning and descaling from injection nozzles is no longer necessary. The sodium hypochlorite produced by EASYCHLORGEN does not require any additives; its chlorine content remains stable and for up to several months.

Process-oriented production, direct storage and dosing of sodium hypochlorite excludes accidental leakage and contact of the operative staff with sodium hypochlorite.


  • Available chlorine capacities of 240 – 8,500 g/h
  • Use only tableted salt as a chemical
  • Production adapted to the needs and on-site storage
  • Safe and fully closed electrolysis process
  • Significant health and safety benefits for operators
  • Integrated control with OLED display and easy operation with 3 buttons
  • Multilingual work screen
  • Telemetry alarm event and data logging capability
  • No exhaust vapors and gases unlike conventional sodium hypochlorite
  • Easy maintenance and low maintenance frequency
  • Remotely transfer an error message, data logging, and RS485 options


Capacity g/h 1.100
Chlorine concentration* g/l 5 – 8
Consumption El. energies Kwh 2,8
Electric power supply ø 240V-50Hz
Working pressure bar 1,5 – 8,5
Nom. Water consumption* l/h 184
Nom. Salt consumption* kg/h 3,63
Protection IP 54
Ambient temperature °C +5 – +40**
Water temperature °C +8 – +20***