ESD – Gas chlorine emergency shutdown plant

ESD – emergency gas chlorine shutdown plant


Wallace & Tiernan® Emergency Shutoff Drive is an additional safety measure for your application of gaseous chlorine.



ESD ensures the highest level of safety for gaseous chlorine applications. A fast-acting safety device can immediately close the connected source of gaseous chlorine in the event of a gas leak. Working in combination with a gaseous chlorine warning device, ESD reliably closes gaseous chlorine valves within the intended target of 3 seconds or less, reducing the total possible chlorine leakage time.


The device is easily installed directly on the gaseous chlorine valve of each tank and is operated from a standardized electrical control cabinet. The valve closes automatically upon receipt of the shut-off signal and has an automatic test button, allowing you to test the function of each connected valve before leaving the place unattended.


In the event of a power failure, safety is ensured by an integrated 24-hour security battery. The ESD can be activated manually on the control cabinet located outside the storage room using an emergency switch. After securing the environment and removing possible leaks, the trained operator must manually reopen the gaseous chlorine valves.


  • Direct mounting of the cylinder – with or without vacuum regulator
  • Multicylinder S/O system with one control panel
  • Low battery alarm
  • Multicolor touchscreen display
  • Data exchange via Modbus TCP & optional Profibus DP
  • 1 potentialless input from the gas warning system
  • 1 helpless input from external emergency stop button
  • 4 relay alarm outlets – Wired
  • Activation of test mode


  • Increased safety of gas chlorine plant and surrounding area
  • Quick shut-off valves, reducing the total possible leakage
  • Adjustable closing torque ensures correct and safe closing
  • Easy installation on new or existing chlorine bottles
  • Wall mount for removing when changing bottles
  • Compact installation with savings on the floor plan
  • Shut-off valves in accordance with DIN 19606: 2020:01
  • Components for minimal maintenance