Ozone generator MG-series ( 140 – 1.120 g/h)

The mg series’s advanced air-cooled multi-body ozone generator design provides powerful and precisely controlled ozone production in large industrial ozone systems. The MG series offers a product from 140 g/h (5 lbs/day) to 1.1 kg/h (60 lbs/day).

MG Ozone Generators feature air-cooled ozone reactor cells Pacific Ozone Floating Plate Technology with advanced Powertron electronics in robust industrial enclosures.

  • Demand-based ozone production
  • Lower operating costs
  • Optimization of supply gas
  • Production of ozone: gram/hour 140,00-1120,00
  • Layout and interface: Single and configured frame-mounted stainless steel housing – HMI
  • Design: Generator


  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel housings
  • Air Cooled FPT Titanium Reactor Cells
  • No water required for cooling
  • Powertron precise linear ozone control
  • Remote control of production
  • Complete safety features, overtemperature, loss of flow, error protection
  • Patented feedback pressure control and forget
  • Redundant chassis design
  • 10″ HMI Touch Screen
  • Ambient ozone detector with electrical safety lock
  • Ethernet/IP network capability



  • Energy efficient – low operating costs
  • Industrial design with simplified and robust user interface
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Ability to save on stand-by costs


Minimum ozone production: 140.00 grams/hr

Maximum production of ozone: 1,120.00 grams/hr