S10K – chlorination system

S10K – gas chlorine dosage


The Chlorinator S10k is a vacuum-controlled, sound-regulated unit. The direct mounting of the cylinder places the vacuum control valve exactly on the source, thereby reducing the gas pressure immediately to the vacuum.

Its ability to handle all water treatment gases, as well as its flexible mounting configurations for cylinders, manifolds or tanks, provide versatility for all installations.


  • Integrated interchangeable unit for several gas cylinders (optional)
  • Voltage-free contact for empty tank signal (optional)
  • Two basic schedules are available in capacities of 4 and 10 kilograms per hourly gaseous chlorine.
  • Available to power gaseous chlorine, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ammonia (for other gases consult us)


Chlorine capacity, maximum: kg/h 10

Sulphur dioxide capacity, maximum: kg/h 9

Ammonia capacity, maximum: kg/h 4.75

Carbon dioxide capacity, maximum: kg/h 8