Ammonia removal FILT-DA1465 (flow rate 1,200-2,400 lit/h)

FILT-DA series of automatic filters for removing ammonia from water


Ammonia can occur in nature as a result of natural decomposition of organic matter. Industrial and agricultural activities, including fertilization and use of nitrogen fertilizers, can increase the concentration of ammonia in waters.

Wastewater from industry, animal husbandry, agriculture and waste plants can contain high levels of ammonia. Uncontrolled waste dumps and unsafe waste disposal can also lead to the release of ammonia into waterways.

Therefore, it is extremely important to control the concentration of ammonia in waters, especially in drinking water and recreational water sources.

Proper water treatment and monitoring of water quality is essential to ensure safe water for all purposes, reduce potential health risks and preserve environmental well-being.


FLOW: 1.200 – 2.400 lit/h
Connection (input/outlet/drain) 1 “ – 1” – ½”
Working pressure 2 – 6 bar
Electrical connection 220V, 30W
Dimension (l x w x h -mm) 360 – 360 – 2000