Iron/manganese removal FILT-PY1354 (flow rate 700-1,300 lit/h)

FILT-PY series of automatic filters for removing iron and manganese from water PYROLOX mass

Removing iron and manganese from water is an important task in water purification. Deferizers work on the principle of oxidation of dissolved divalent iron and manganese into their trovalent form that is insoluble and separable.

For the purpose of forming deferization devices, we use various types of filtration media depending on the properties of the water itself and the wishes of the user. We use filtration materials that extend the service life by regeneration, but also those that are enough only to flush anti-current.

Contaminants build insoluble hydroxides that can endanger vital parts of the purification system and the very quality of drinking water .

Iron equivalent (mg/l) =1 x Fe index (mg/l)+ 2 x Mn index (mg/l)+ 5 x H2S (mg/l)
Determination of the filtration velocity according to iron equivalent:
Iron equivalent Filtration velocity

  • <0.2 mg/l 18 m/h
  • 0.5 mg/l 15 m/h
  • 1.0 mg/l 13 m/h
  • 1.5 mg/l 12 m/h
  • 2.0 mg/l 10 m/h
  • 3.0 mg/l 8 m/h

Required filtering surface (m2) = Flow rate (m3/h) / Filtration velocity (m/h)
Important working conditions of Pyrolox:

  • Backwash: 60-70m/h
  • Bed depth: 45cm
  • Water pH-range: 6.5 – 9.0
  • Free volume: min. 40% of the bed depth
  • Resistant opposite the clorine.
FLOW: 700 – 1.300 lit/h
Connection (input/outlet/drain) 1 “ – 1” – ½”
Working pressure 2 – 6 bar
Electrical connection 220V, 30W
Dimension (l x w x h -mm) 350 – 350 – 1670