Removal of Arsenic FILT-AR 20 (flow rate 600 lit/h)

FILT – AR systems of removing Arsenic from water

Arsenic removal systems are water filters with selective resins used to retain arsenic present in water. The system should be sized according to the flow rate required by the user and the level of arsenic.

FILT-AR systems consist of a pressure vessel made of fiberglass filled with resins for the absorption of arsenic.

* Service life of the unit calculated taking into account water with 50 μg/l arsenic, Pressure: 2-6 bar; Water temperature: 5-30 °C; Room temperature: 5-40 °C


Flow 600 lit/h
Connection ¾”- ¾”
Fill Volume 20 lit
Mass capacity 800 m3
Dimension 200 x 940 mm