Sand filter FILT-PF 01-0 (flow rate 1,000 lit/h)

FILT-PF series automatic sand filters


Sand filters is the basic operation of mechanical filtration of water, during which all mechanical particles suspended and dispersed are removed from raw water.

Sand filling is realized with several layers of high quality quartz sand of different granulation composition.

In order to improve quality and fast filtration, we often use filtration media that allow a high degree of purification.

Sand filters retain solid particles on the surface and in the filling volume. Dispersed particles linger on the tiniest particles of the upper layer of the filter fill.


FLOW: 1,000 liters per hour
Connection (input/outlet/drain) 1 “ – 1” – ½”
Working pressure 2 – 6 bar
Electrical connection 220V, 30W
Dimension (l x w x h -mm) 350 – 260 – 1600