EDI electrodeionization OSMO/EDILX30-3 (flow rate 10,800 – 13,500 lit/h)

OSMO-EDI line of electrodeionization devices

EDI is the latest technology where electrodeionization is used to finally purify water to achieve a conductivity < of 1 μS/cm.

Electrodeionization module for continuous demineralization of permeate from reverse osmosis, consisting of a carefully designed housing containing a number of special ion selective membranes that create alternating concentrate I chambers for demineralization filled with mixed ion resins.


Description of the EDI system:

  1. Incoming water from the pre-treatment comes to the manifold and enters the EDI cells.
  2. Each cell is charged with direct current on the electrodes and creates positive and negative fields tj.me mutual attraction of the poles.
  3. On the mixed ionic mass (mix bed) there is an exchange of ions that remain on the ionic mass. Due to the diversity of the poles on the electrode, ions pass through the anionic and cationic membranes and separate the concentrate from the purified water, which is shown with blue arrows.
  4. One part of the concentrate is recirculated and re-drained for purification to improve utilization so that There is less wastewater.
  5. The concentrate that is discharged is waste water pH 6-8 and is thrown into the sewers or can be taken again for treatment in Reverse Osmosis.
  6. The regeneration of ionic mass occurs continuously on the cells (electrodes breaking down molecules of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions by conducting them through the membrane into a concentrate.


FLOW RATE (lit/h) 10.800 – 13.500