Nanofiltration OSMO-NF 10000 (flow rate 10,000 lit/h)

OSMO-NF line of nanofiltration devices.

Today, nanofiltration is most commonly used in drinking water treatment processes such as softening, removing paint and removing micro pollution.

Such a technique is commonly used to remove organic substances, such as micro-pollutants and multivalent ions. Membranes for nano filtration are moderated for the retention of univalent salts.

Other applications of nano filtration are:

  • Removal of pesticides from groundwater
  • Removal of heavy metals from wastewater
  • Wastewater recirculation in laundries
  • Water softening
  • Nitrate removal


FLOW RATE (lit/h) 10.000
Permeat 75%
TDS max. 3000 mg/l
Working pressure 5 – 13 bar
Max pressure 14 bar
Electric power supply 380V, 50Hz
Dimension 1800 x 4500 x 1000