SIMPLEX SOFT-VAS 05-0 ( flow rate 5.000 lit/h )

SIMPLEX series of single water softeners SOFT-VAS 05-0

Soft-VAS simplex water softener systems meet all time consumption of water on a daily basis. The model and capacity of the water softener is selected on the basis of water consumption per hour, so as not to break through or leak hard water.

The quality and durability of the SOFT-VAS model guarantees that you will eliminate all hard water problems. Its most common use is in systems and areas of medium and higher capacity and water consumption such as: cooling systems, heating systems, industry, production facilities, hotels, apartments, camps, hospitals..


FLOW: up to 5,000 lit/h
Connection (input/outlet/drain) 1 “ – 1” – ½”
Working pressure 2 – 6 bar
Electrical connection 220V, 30W
Dimension (l x w x h -mm) 495 – 315 – 1125