ALGICIDe – pack 1 lit

ALGICIDe – pack 1 lit


Liquid means for the destruction and prevention of the formation of all types of algae. It does not foam water so it is suitable for use in swimming pools with hydromassage, hydromassage bathtubs, fountains, etc. It is completely soluble in water regardless of water hardness and is pH neutral. It is suitable for automatic and manual dosing.


To prevent algae, add 0.05 l of algicide per week for every 10 m3
In case of algae add 0.2 – 0.3 l of algicide for every 10 m³

When manually dosing, it is recommended to evenly pour algicide in several places into the pool.

The agent should not be mixed with other water treatment agents and should not be added to the water immediately after chlorination. The use of the agent is recommended in the evening (when there is no bather).
The pool can be used for swimming 24 hours after using algicide.