CENTURIO POOL controller pH-ORP-Cl2-Br2-O3-Total Cl2-H2O2-Turbidity

CENTURIO POOL is a digital control and measurement system for multiparameter control in pool water treatment.


It combines total control and exceptional ease of use with the elegance of the housing made by Giugiaro Design.

Equipped with the Linux operating system, a high-performance Arm A5 microprocessor and a large color touch screen.

CENTURIO POOL can be set to work with pH priorities and can control flocculant output, shock chlorination and filter backflushing and simultaneously control up to 10 channels for parameter reading

  • pH, Free chlorine, combined chlorine, active free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, ORP, NTU, product levels, pool water level.


For each channel CENTURIO POOL has 2 digital default values (ON / OFF), 2 proportional default values (IS), 1 mA default output value and 1 default temperature value; it can also set 6 timers with a maximum of 10 daily schedules each.

CENTURIO POOL can be connected to the Internet via WIFI, GSM or ETHERNET and remotely controlled via ERMES.

It is also equipped with a MODBUS serial communication protocol (option) that allows you to connect to other devices within the RS485 network.