MBR – MEMPACK 200 ( flow rate 200 m3/day )



Water treatment capacity: 200 m3/day

Inlet water quality: 300 mg/l BOD

60 mg/l TKN

600 mg/l COD

450 mg/l SST

Output water quality: E.U. regulation or re-use agriculture

Dimensions: 2 x ISO 40′ box

Weight: 5800 kg + 5900 kg


Mempack are turnkey MBR container plants consisting of 4 treatment segments: (equalization, denitrification, oxidation, membrane sector) and a control room.


The drive is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Nice sieve
  • Denitrification mixer
  • Diphosor segment for oxidation
  • Membrane modules
  • Blowers, permeat pumps, measuring sensors
  • Pumps for dosing chemicals
  • Electric control panel


All equipment and parts of the container plant are made according to the highest quality standards.