WTEC 1364 is a specific product for the control of corrosion and fouling in open recirculating cooling systems with high Ryznar Index values. WTEC 1364 is based on zinc, phosphate and a specific novel phosponate molecule as cathodic inhibitor in combination with very efficient dispersants. The product builds up an effective inhibitor film on metal surfaces thus reducing downtime and maintenance cost. WTEC 1364 inhibits and control corrosion in system with very soft waters (< 5°F), typical of plants using R.O. water with Ryznar values over then + 8.0 .Otherwise, the specific polymer content stabilize water hardeness also in the stress circuit, with good antiscalant properties. Airbourne foulants and water caused deposits are kept in suspension and will be removed by Blow-down. WTEC 1364 is specially formulated for open recirculating cooling systems operating with aggressive waters and pH control.



  • Excellent corrosion control
  • Effective scale and fouling control
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Improve heat transfer by maintaining clean metal surfaces
  • Active at low concentrations


The standard dosage ranges from 50 ppm to 100 ppm in the recirculating water. Our technical service will advise the correct dosage based upon WORKING conditions. WTEC 1364 may be introduced at full strength or diluted . Add at any point of the tower basin with a good mixing or to the make–up water line


Physical properties
Appearance :                                      Pale yellow liquid
pH (5% ) :                                           1,5
Specific gravity (g/cm3):                 1,19 (20 °C)
Frozen point:                                     < – 10°C

Polythene Canister:                         25 kg

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