ACQ 852 – oksidativni mikrobiocid-algicid


ACQ 852 is highly effective microbiocide, algicide and biomass dispersant agent based on peracetic acid. Particularly his action is very fast and extremely efficient also at low concentration. The product is specifically formulated for microbial growth control over a wide spectrum of bacteria and algae, found in open recirculated cooling system and similar. Product penetrates into biological mass because has a very dispersant capacity and keeps cleaned the surfaces.

· Highly effective microbiocide and alicide
· Very fast with low toxicity
· Preserves heat exchange surfaces and tower fill section cleaned
· Ease to control
· No AOX increase


The dosage of ACQ 852 is depending on the biological contamination of water. Out technical service will give You best recommendation for right dosage. Normally dosage is about 6-9 g/m3 of water in the simplest situations.


Physical properties
Appearance                                   Coloures liquid
pH                                                   < 1,0
Specific gravity at 20°C              1,10 g/cm3
Freezing point                              < -10 °C

Polythene drums:                        200 kg

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