BIOBROMINE – bromin / biocidni disperzant



BioBromine is a highly effective microbiocide and slimecide based on bromine stabilized bromine technology.
BioBromine is a very powerful microbiocide offering the power of oxidizing biocides and the stability of non-oxidating ones to use in cooling water and related system to control the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi. This treatment approach is very effective over a wide pH range and it is an excellent supplement to other corrective treatment programs. BioBromine has been proved effective at controlling biofilm, it is ready to use and doesn’t require activation with chlorine.


  • Controls a wide spectrum of bacteria, algae and fungi
  • Very effective at low concentrations
  • Effective at high pH and easy to control
  • Strong biodispersant
  • Single-feed delivery
  • Economical


Physical properties

Appearance:                                         clear yellow to clear orange liquid
pH :                                                        > 12,0
Density at 25° C:                                 1,29 – 1,37 g/cm3
Freezing point °C:                               – 6° C

Polythene Canister:                            25 kg

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