AKTIVNI UGLJEN  – GAC  12 x 40 Mineral



Type GAC  12 x 40
Origin Mineral
Size (mm) 0,4 – 1,7
Bulk density (g/l) 480
Bet (m2/g) 1100
Iodine number 1000
Ash content (%) 12
Bed depth (mm) 650  – 750
Service flow rate (m3/h) 12 – 15
Backwash flow rate (m3/h) 24 – 30
PACKING: 52 lit (bag)


range of granular activated carbons designed for reduction of chlorine and organic contaminants dissolved in water for civil and industrial purpose;

  • manufactured from select grades of bituminous (or vegetal origin) coal, with a thermal activation process at strictly controlled temperature to obtain a large surface area and a porous structure allowing the adsorption of low and high molecular weight organic compounds;
  • high density activated carbons with good resistance to the attrition and mechanical stocks;
  • activated carbon require periodic backwashing to eliminate accumulated suspended matters and to regrade the filter bed;
  • a good backwashing of the AC filter bed of the start-up is required.
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